The Name Game: Robison

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The Name Game: Robison

Postby gh » Tue Jun 03, 2003 5:02 pm

Interesting conjunction in the middle of the final day at West Regional. The men's 1500 final is going on, with Grant Robison of Stanford and Nathan Robison of BYU each having the lead at various points. And at the same time, Robison Pratt of BYU is vaulting at a PR height. All kinds of fun for the announcers.

None are related, and the Stanford version is Robe-ison, while the BYUs are Rawb-ison. While the BYUs aren't related, their names come from the same place: former longtime BYU coach Clarence Robison (a '48 Olympian). Nathan is his grandson, whereas Robison Pratt is named after him becuase his father, Elbert Pratt, was an NCAA scorer in the decathlon under Clarence in the '70s.

Robinson Crusoe? He just spelt it wrong.
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