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Postby Conor Dary » Tue May 07, 2013 2:36 pm

KevinM wrote:
26mi235 wrote:These ranges are rather broad and tougher for some events than others. Here are some examples that illustrate problems:

1,500m 3:55-4:30 4:40-5:25
1,600m 4:15-5:00 5:00-6:00

Long Jump 24’6″-19’0″ 19’6″-15’0″
Triple Jump 51’0″-38’0″ 40’0″-32’0″

A 3:55 is than a 4:15. The low ends are too easy, as I could do the lower end easily in the jumps, for instance, and I could not even jump for my high school close to half a century ago. And, I was a distance runner and am further up in you jumps than in the distances.

When you get to this level of a broad range, what use is the table -- I actually mean that as a serious question because I do not think that this is a useless or uninteresting enterprise. I suspect that you will get feedback that will lead to improving your ranges.

The range of marks on that table appears to be designed to get as many kids as possible to sign up for their website. I would bet a large amount of money on the premise that there are no male 5:00 milers receiving athletic scholarships to any schools, anywhere.

Well, there probably are, but they also have to run a 47 400.
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