¶NCAA wWt: CL for Johnson

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¶NCAA wWt: CL for Johnson

Postby gh » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:12 pm

1 Felisha Johnson SR Indiana State 23.52m 77-02.00 10
21.80m 21.21m 23.38m 23.16m 21.99m 23.52m
2 Beth Rohl SR Michigan State 22.31m 73-02.50 8
21.49m FOUL 20.52m 21.85m 21.28m 22.31m
3 Brittney Waller SR Clemson 21.59m 70-10.00 6
21.10m 20.79m 21.56m 21.59m FOUL 20.62m
4 Chelsea Cassulo SR Arizona State 21.23m 69-08.00 5
FOUL 20.41m 21.17m 21.23m 20.89m FOUL
5 Brittany Smith SR Illinois State 21.22m 69-07.50 4
20.38m 20.04m 20.79m 20.83m 21.19m 21.22m
6 Alena Krechyk SR Kansas 20.95m 68-09.00 3
20.18m 20.24m 20.64m 20.95m 20.79m 20.48m
7 Taylor Smith SR Wisconsin 20.72m 67-11.75 2
19.77m 19.90m 20.32m FOUL 20.52m 20.72m
8 Alexis Thomas SR Ohio State 20.66m 67-09.50 1
FOUL 20.51m 19.56m 19.88m 20.59m 20.66m
9 Brittany Funk SO Akron 20.36m 66-09.75
19.99m 20.26m FOUL 20.36m FOUL FOUL
10 Victoria Flowers SR Connecticut 20.13m 66-00.50
20.10m 20.11m 20.13m
11 Erin Atkinson JR Baylor 19.90m 65-03.50
19.90m FOUL 19.75m
12 Adabelle Ekechukwu JR Harvard 19.84m 65-01.25
19.84m 18.79m 19.41m
13 Dani Bunch JR Purdue 19.78m 64-10.75
19.21m 19.68m 19.78m
14 Denise Hinton JR LSU 19.65m 64-05.75
19.65m FOUL 18.62m
15 Shant'e White SR Buffalo 18.84m 61-09.75
17.79m FOUL 18.84m
16 Alexis Cooks FR Akron 17.66m 57-11.25
17.27m 17.66m FOUL
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