Duel at the Armory: Hasay vs Cain

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Re: Duel at the Armory: Hasay vs Cain

Postby aaronk » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:54 pm

I noticed (front page) that Edward Cheserek was chosen Running Times Athlete of the Week, for his taking down of Gerry Lindgren's 1964 indoor records in the 3K and 2 mile.....and for announcing he'll be attending UO!!

Good for him!!

However, did RT overlook Mary Cain shattering HER OWN HSR's in the 1500 and mile, or Lagat getting the AR in the indoor two mile, or the two great 600's, or, or , or.......??

Besides, let's compare Cheserek to Lindgren a bit.

Cheserek, US via Kenya.
Lindgren, US born.

Cheserek, age 19 when he broke the records.
Lindgren, age 17 when he ran his 3 indoor two mile races!!

Lindgren's times were far better than any OUTdoor times run at that time.
Verzbicas has an outdoor HSR which is about 10 seconds faster than Cheserek!!

While Cheserek is deserving of many plaudits, I don't think he can compare with the HISTORIC Gerry Lindgren!!!
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Re: Duel at the Armory: Hasay vs Cain

Postby Dutra5 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:20 pm

Apparently we've just heard a pretty good argument for Running Times to have chosen Gerry Lindgren as it's athlete of the week.
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