NXN: Baxter vs. Cain [split]

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Re: NXN: Baxter vs. Cain [split]

Postby tandfman » Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:14 pm

aaronk wrote:(Is Vaughan in college??)

Yes, she's a freshman at Texas A&M.
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Re: NXN: Baxter vs. Cain [split]

Postby 26mi235 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:13 pm

Master Po wrote:Too bad these 3 (Rohrer, Baxter, Cain) didn't race each other. Had the 3 been at Footlocker, it would have been a great race. Hard to say who would have won (I'd pick Baxter right now, but have no strong evidence for that choice).

My guess is that Rohrer stays on Baxter the entire time. Not sure who would win in the end; maybe we will see next season. However, I would guess that the improvement from this season to next will be greater for Rohrer than for Baxter.

This is the first full cross country season for Rohrer and even last track season (as a frosh) she was still coming back from the fall injuries. I find it interesting that aaronk has not really gone to sing her praises like he has the other two even though she has pretty good claims to being a bit of an outlier. In fact, given their backgrounds, Rohrer might have as much upside or more than the other two. Cain has enough of a start that even a better upside might not get her to Cain's level and I am not predicting a 4:11 from Rohrer. I am pretty impressed that a girl in her first XC season falls in the first 400 in the biggest race of the year and gets herself up, calmly works her way through the field from last to first and then simply runs away from them when she gets to the front.
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