Drake Relays upgrading

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Re: Drake Relays upgrading

Postby Conor Dary » Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:31 pm

lonewolf wrote:Nix to the 3-5-3. 4-2-4 is bad enough.. 3-2-3 would be better.
Drake and Penn have survived on the same weekend forever. Leave it alone.

The point of the 3-5-3 is to have 2 weekends of TV. So why not start the meet on Friday, go 3 days with live TV on the weekend. Then take a couple of days off and then 3 days and show the rest of the meet on tape on the weekend. A nice 3-2-3 combo as lw says.

As for Drake I have been to a few times. A wonderful weekend.
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Re: Drake Relays upgrading

Postby Dogfan » Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:12 pm

gh wrote:dogfan would know way better than I, but as I understand the situation, the Relays is only one part of a huge alumni weekend celebration. They're inextricably linked and the meet has sold out (in large part because of the alumni presence?) for decades now. So because some fan with no ties to the school wants it not to coincide with Penn they should change their date? That whole concept is a non-starter.

Agree the idea that Drake or Penn would move is a non-starter, why assume that if there is a move, it's Drake that should move? Anyway, thousands of Drake alumni return to Des Moines for Relays weekend. Many buy tickets to the event, though it's probably a smaller percentage than we think it is. Relays is homecoming and much more for the university and much more than that for the greater DSM area. It is the first festival of the year and people and businesses look to the Relays as the start of the outdoor season in Central Iowa. Campus and community events start the Saturday before and continue all week. I've asked Drake grads about attending the Relays while a student at Drake, most smile and say: 'There's an athletic event that weekend? :shock:
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