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Latest on Verzbicas

Postby Conor Dary » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:18 am

I didn't see this story on the home page, so I will post the link here, with the latest on Lukas Verzbicas comeback. Pretty dumb accident. Racing downhill on a training ride and not knowing how to put a bike down. He definitely has a long recovery to get back.

And, confirming from what I heard while he was living here nearby, his mother does sound like a complete nut.

    Verzbickiene, 50, is not frightened by the idea of having her son back on a bike, even if she said with a laugh, "We need to put him on a bike in water." She is pushing him to do more and work harder in rehab than even the therapists might demand.

    "I am not only a mother, I am an athlete," said Verzbickiene, a former Lithuanian record-holder at 3,000 meters. "I am an athlete for many years. My mind is different. My athlete side is more than my mother side.

PS. It is on the home page now.
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Re: Latest on Verzbicas

Postby DrJay » Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:11 pm

I know that curve well. I think I take it at about 20 mph, will have to see next time I ride in the Garden, and I think one could take it at 25 to 30 mph very carefully, but the sand that is too often there makes that pretty dicey. A lot of sand on the road shoulders in CO courtesy of road sanding in the winter and wash-off from roadside slopes when it rains in the summer. That's one of the few spots in the Garden of the Gods that make me nervous on that account. What makes me more nervous there is the threat of a dumbass deer running into my lane on one of the less curvy downhill sections with sheltering scrub oak right up to the roadside. Darwinian selection isn't operative in the deer universe. They're ALL candidates for the Darwin award.

I'd be very surprised if Verzbicas ever makes it back to Olympic Trials contender status, but let's hope he does.
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