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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby lonewolf » Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:58 pm

On further review:
I guess my best list is that I have worked competitions with eight of the top ten all time LJers, missing only #8 Saladino and #10 Tsatoumas.
On the other hand, I have only worked three of the top ten women, #2 JJK, #9 Jones and # 20 Reese.
Men TJ, worked six of top 11.
Womens TJ, have to go all the way down to #16 Tricia Smith.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby tfgeek60 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:19 pm

My first time posting these:

100 9.58
200 19.19
400 45.45
800 1:43.68
1500 3:30.68
mile 3:49.09
5000 12:52.79
10,000 26:25.97
110H 12.90
400H 47.24
ST 8:00.43
4X1 37.04
4X4 2:55.39
MAR 2:06.54
HJ 2.37
PV 6.06
LJ 8.60
TJ 17.98
SP 22.41
DT 70.17
HT 83.89
JT 92.80
DEC 8902

100 10.70
200 21.74
400 48.89
800 1:54.87
1500 3:58.82
MILE 4:17.14
5000 14:24.53
10,000 29:54.66
100H 12.28
400H 52.42
ST 8:58.81
MAR 2:20.57
4X1 41.56
4X4 3:17.83
HJ 2.06
PV 5.05
LJ 7.19
TJ 15.39
SP 21.24
DT 68.57
HT 77.13 (I was one of those who blinked and missed Wlodarczyk's throw)
JT 71.99
HEPT 7032

Doesn't compare to those above with more impressive histories but a its been a lot of fun compiling this list (almost all this century)
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby Athleticsimaging » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:02 pm

tfgeek60 wrote:Doesn't compare to those above with more impressive histories but a its been a lot of fun compiling this list (almost all this century)

Now there's another category for one upmanship for the youngsters! :D
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby donley2 » Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:34 am

Yeah, I was thinking (although this goes against the spirit of true elitism) the only way us non globe-trotting types could compete was if there was a US or North America only list. Mine might have looked decent around 1 jan 2002.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby jules » Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:21 pm

nevetsllim wrote:100m – 9.78 Gay
200m – 19.76 Bolt
400m – 44.05 Wariner
800m – 1:42.91 Rudisha
1500m – 3:33.23i Choge
Mile – 3:50.14 Choge
3000m – 7:26.69 Bekele
2 miles – 8:04.35i Bekele
5000m – 13:09.14 Farah, 13:10.60i Farah
Marathon – 2:06:18 Rutto
110mH – 13.04 Robles
400mH – 48.12 Jackson
Steeplechase – 8:17.70 Koech
4x100m – 37.46 Racers Track Club
4x400m – 3:02.33 France

LJ – 8.45m Watt
TJ – 17.75i Idowu
HJ – 2.38m Silnov
PV – 5.97m Lukyanenko and Hooker
SP – 22.43m Hoffa
DT – 67.82m Kanter
JT – 87.38m Thorkildsen
HT – 79.26m Ziolkowski

60m – 6.50 Rodgers
60mH – 7.46 Liu Xiang
Hep – 6371 Clay

100m – 10.87 VCB
200m – 22.19 Felix
400m – 49.66 Richards-Ross
800m – 1:58.45 Okoro
1500m – 3:57.71dq(i) Soboleva
3000m – 8:31.94i Burka
5000m – 14:33.65 Dibaba
Marathon – 2:22:35 Okayo
100mH – 12.55 Pearson
400mH – 52.79 Spencer
Steeplechase – 9:22.49 Chemos
4x100m – 42.39 USA
4x400m – 3:23.77 Russia

LJ – 7.04m Kolchanova
TJ – 15.05i Savigne
HJ – 2.03m Friedrich
PV – 4.93m Isinbayeva
SP – 20.27m Ostapchuk
DT – 65.62m Barrios
JT – 66.74m Obergfoll
HT – 76.24m Lysenko

60m – 7.06 A. Williams
60H – 7.75 Kallur
Pentathlon – 4944 Kluft

I like the names added.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby gh » Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:29 pm

just realized I got a women's JT mark in Daegu!
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby PCSExponent » Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:38 pm

More importantly- do you add an apostrophe to form plurals of acronyms? I hasten to add I would usually defer to tandfman on grammar, but not in this case.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby Jon » Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:52 am

PCSExponent wrote:do you add an apostrophe to form plurals of acronyms?
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby tandfman » Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:20 pm

It's not as clear as all that, Jon. For one thing, this is one of those areas where British and American usage have differed; the standard practice here used to be to include the apostrophe. I don't believe that was ever the case in the UK.

Most style manuals that discuss this question at all say that in the US, the apostrophe was once widely used, but the trend has recently been to omit it. Like most people, I generally write the language as I learned it, although matters of spelling and usage do sometimes change over the years.

In this case, the one style manual that I most respect and refer to when in doubt (Wilson Follett's Modern American Usage) acknowledges the trend mentioned above, but continues to follow the traditional practice of including the apostrophe. That book has not been updated since the 1998 edition. It's possible that if a new edition were published, it would follow the more contemporary practice. But that's speculative.

What's fact is that most of the books on American usage that deal with this issue at all mention the trend, but do not proscribe the traditional usage. Given that the latest edition of Follett still uses the apostrophe, I'm sticking with that. I'll grant that the omission of the apostrophe is not wrong, but the use of the apostrophe isn't wrong either, at least on this side of the pond.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby richh1948 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:04 pm

Having looked at this topic for years, this is the first time I've ever posted to it. Due to my lack of attendance in recent years (I could claim only to be the European Inertia champion) my PRs are pretty hopless, except for 2 events which are better than anything anyone has posted - namely 22.63 in the W-SP, and 7.52 in the W-LJ. Other bests are too feeble for me to report.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby tandfman » Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:19 pm

I just updated my own list (the first post on this thread). I picked up a decent number of new ones this year, more than in recent years, I think. Most from Daegu, but also Bekele's 10,000 in Brussels, and Tamgho's WIR in Paris.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby tandfman » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:35 am

'Tis the season. I've updated the list in the post that started this thread. This year, I picked up a few good ones in London, of course, and I suspect that most of my friends who play this as a competitive game kept pace. They even gained on me in an odd way--I had seen the women's 4x100 WR in 1985 in Canberra. When that mark fell in London, my PR became a tie with that of 80,000 other people. I did pick up a good one later in the season--was fortunate enough to have been in Brussels and saw the 110H WR.
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Re: Spectator PR's

Postby aaronk » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:05 pm

Never been to an OG or WC, and never been outside North America, but attended MANY meets from 1962 through 2002, so here's some memorable marks/races I witnessed in person (not on TV).

BOTH HSR's in the mile by Jim Ryun (3:55.3 in 1965) and Alan Webb (3:53.43 in 2001).
A "WR" in the 6 mile by Billy Mills and Gerry Lindgren in 1965 (27:11.6).
Leslie Maxie's still-standing HSR in the 400H (55.20) in 1984.
Ron Clarke's 2-day double of a 5K in 13:25 and a 10K in 28:13 (1966??).
Vicki Huber's CR of 8:47.35 in the 3000.
Gerry Lindgren's 1964 10K victory against the Russians just after graduating high school!!
Peter Snell's 3:54.9 mile when he destroyed the field with a 24.5 final 220 yards!!!
Gerry Lindgren's indoor HSR of 8:46, when he challenged the great Gaston Roelants, who won in 8:41.

Some of the more memorable ATHLETES I've seen (but can't remember specific times/marks I saw them make) are:

Maria Mutola, Lance Deal, Al Feuerbach, Bob Hayes, Henry Carr, Henry Marsh, Annette Peters, Bob Seagren, the great El G, Murray Halberg, Bob Schul, Dyrol Burleson, Ulis Williams, and too many others to list!!
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