Surinam's Vriesde failed doping test

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Surinam's Vriesde failed doping test

Postby MJR » Sun Aug 10, 2003 3:57 pm ... 93523.html

Vriesde's caffeine level equaled 'five gallons of coffee'

Associated Press

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Letitia Vriesde of Surinam, gold medalist in the women's 800-meter run and a former Olympian, failed a doping test at the Pan American Games.
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Re: Surinam's Vriesde failed doping test

Postby Guest » Mon Aug 11, 2003 8:21 am

5 Gallons of coffee? That would mean she had consumed around 6.4gm of Caffeine which means she would be dead... The lethal dose seems to be around 10mg/kg. The average cup of coffee (8oz.) contains 80-120mg of caffeine. A gallon is 128 oz and would contain 1,280mg-1,920mg.

This story is mistaken....

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