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July 25, 2014

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At the top of Jesse Squire's list of must-follow clashes is Trentavis Friday vs. Zharnel Hughes in the World Junior 200…
"We go to Liège, Belgium and… I look at the 1,500 meters, and I see the same event I could see in Eugene," says TrackTown head, challenging other cities to pitch in…
Larry Eder looks at the local impact the young American star's Junior 3000 win made on Thursday night…
Multiple links, topped off by the monster shot marks for Poland's Konrad  Bukowiecki…
"Ooh La La" writes Phil Minshull as France's Wilhem Belocian becomes the first Junior hurdler ever to break 13…
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  • Drahotova Anezka-Eugene14a
  • Heroye AlemituFV1-Eugene14a
  • Lutkovskaya Alena-Eugene14a
  • Starygina Ekaterina-Eugene14a
  • Wambui Margaret-Eugene14a
  • Sykora JiriFL-Eugene14a
  • Shamotina AlonaA-Eugene14a
  • Cain MaryFV1-Eugene14a
  • Lake MorganFL-Eugene14a
  • Wang JiananQ-Eugene14a
  • Williams KendalFH-EugeneJR14a
  • Cedenio MachelSF-Eugene14a
  • Jones Akela-Eugene14a
  • Bukowiecki Konrad-Eugene14a
  • Cheptegei Joshua-Eugene14a
  • Belocian Wilhelm1-Eugene14a
  • AsherSmith DinaM-Eugene14a
  • World Junior Champs: 10K WJR-setter Anezka Drauhotová
  • World Junior Champs: 5000 winner Alemitu Haroye
  • World Junior Champs: pole vault winner Alena Lutkovskaya
  • World Junior Champs: javelin winner Ekaterina Starygina
  • World Junior Champs: 800 winner Margaret Wambui
  • World Junior Champs: decathlon winner Jiri Sykora
  • World Junior Champs: hammer winner Alona Shamotina
  • World Junior Champs: 3000 winner Mary Cain
  • World Junior Champs: heptathlon winner Morgan Lake
  • World Junior Champs: long jump winner Jianan Wang
  • World Junior Champs: 100 winner Kendal Williams
  • World Junior Champs: 400 winner Machel Cedenio
  • World Junior Champs: long jump winner Akela Jones
  • World Junior Champs: shot put winner Konrad Bukowiecki
  • World Junior Champs:10,000 winner Joshua Cheptegei
  • World Junior Champs: 110H winner & sub-13.00 man Wilhem Belocian
  • World Junior Champs: 100 winner Dina Asher Smith

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