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October 01, 2016

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"If the IOC thought the bidding process changes in its Agenda 2020 reforms would end the negativity about the prospect of hosting the Summer or Winter Games, it has been sadly mistaken," says Philip Hersh…
Nick Butler of says the former WADA head "believes all those present are 'the usual suspects' who are 'clearly not thinking differently over a broad range of issues' "…
With Notre Dame dominating Friday action, Tyler Mayforth looks at Lehigh's Paul Short Run and the Washington Invitational…
Spikes puts together a graphic analysis of the splits in the 3 fastest men's marathons in history (Kimetto, Bekele & Kipchoge) to show ways the World Record can be broken…
"I am running for the office of President of USA Track & Field because I believe that I have the qualifications, experience, and passion to lead USATF at this exceptionally exciting time in our sport," says Mr. TrackTown…
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  • MenStart1 5thAve16

    MenStart 5thAve16
  • WomenStart 5thAve16

    WomenStart1 5thAve16
  • Kampf Heather 5thAve16
  • Centrowitz MattLedsH 5thAve16

    Centrowitz MattLedsH1 5thAve16
  • Simpson Muir Kampf 5thAve16

    Simpson Muir Eccleston Kampf 5thAve16
  • Murphy Clayton1 5thAve16
  • Centrowitz JenkinsLook1a 5thAve16

    Centrowitz JenkinsLook1b 5thAve16
  • Muir Laura1 5thAve16
  • Alexander Colby 5thAve16
  • Simpson Jenny1b 5thAve16
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Men’s Start
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Women’s Start
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Heather Kampf 3rd, 4:19.7
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Olympic 1500 champ Centrowitz leads
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Women’s lead pack
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Clayton Murphy 4th, 3:52.3
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Eric Jenkins (3:49.4) edges Matthew Centrowitz (3:49.5)
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Laura Muir 2nd, 4:18.4
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Colby Alexander 3rd, 3:50.3
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Jenny Simpson, record 5th win, 4:18.3

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